Puppy At The Dentist


Ladies, a puppy is in pain as it has terrible tooth aches. Can you help him by taking him to the dentist and be by his side while he has his tooth treated? He will be eternally grateful and play with you after. Puppy At The Dentist will need special treatments, but first it's best to wash his teeth. Remove his tartar and clean his cavities. He already is feeling better, but there are a few procedures left. Remove the black teeth and replace them with new ones which are healthy and white. Whiten all the teeth and this cute puppy is healing healthy and cheerful once again. Now, that the puppy finished with the dentist procedures you can pick for him teeth accessories such as fun colors and stickers. You can pick a great red color and rose stickers which I am sure will make the puppy happy. Enjoy Puppy At The Dentist!