Puppy Teeth Dentist


Girls, having a puppy is a great responsibility. You need to take care of it, feed it, pamper and make sure it’s healthy. This cute puppy is sick. It has broken teeth, which cause a lot of pain. Can you be his doctor and cure him? Start the game called Puppy Teeth Dentist and use all your medical skills to help him. First, use a special tool to clean the decaying teeth and then use a special cast to fill in the cavities. Use a laser tool to secure the cast and make the teeth look normal. In Puppy Teeth Dentist you can then brush the teeth and mouth with toothpaste and a brush. Create a toothpaste made with honey and mint, which is healthy for pets. Even though it’s painful, you will need to remove the teeth which are back and replace them with new ones. Have a great time playing Puppy Teeth Dentist!