Rapunzel Blooming Romance


Help Rapunzel with a makeup and an outfit for her date with Flynn in this exciting new game called Rapunzel Blooming Romance! Rapunzel liked Flynn for a long time and she got so excited when he finally asked her out. So, she asked you to help her with the makeup and she wants you to choose an outfit for her. Start with the makeup and make her look so pretty that Flynn will fall in love with her instantly. Rapunzel already is a pretty girl but with your makeup skills she will be even more beautiful. When the makeup is done, it’s time to choose an outfit. She really wants to look pretty and impress Flynn, so pick something cute for her. Combine different colors and styles and choose the best outfit you can make. Start with a cute hairstyle and continue with a chic top and colorful skirt. Or, if you want, you can pick something more glamorous and go with a beautiful dress. Accessories are important, so don’t forget about them. Pick something that Rapunzel could wear on her head and a stylish necklace. Now that Rapunzel looks as beautiful as ever she is sure that she will impress Flynn, all thanks to you.