Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover


Rapunzel is a very famous vlogger and she’s always doing the most fun challenges for her audience. The boyfriend makeover challenge has been all the rage lately so of course Rapunzel decided to do it with the help of her great boyfriend Flynn. Would you like to help Rapunzel complete the challenge? Play Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover here on our website and  start by shaving off Flynn’s beard and then wash his face and apply creams to make his skin smooth. Foundation will cover the marks from the beard and Rapunzel is now ready to apply makeup. Use eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick to create a super fun and cute look for Flynn and make sure you remember to take care of the eyebrows by plucking them. Finally, it’s time to choose Flynn’s outfit. Make him as girly as you want and don’t forget to have fun playing Rapunzel Boyfriend Makeover!