Rapunzel Brain Doctor


Oh No! Rapunzel hit her head and you are the only doctor skilled enough to help her, in this new and exciting game called Rapunzel Brain Doctor. Rapunzel tripped over her long hair and hit her head pretty bad. Because you are a skilled doctor, she came to you for help, and now you have to make a brain surgery on her. You'll have to take care of your patient, take her pulse, and give her a shot so that she would sleep during the surgery. Once the surgery starts, you'll have to remove all the bad things from her head. You need to take out the microbes and heal the wounds. Once everything is healed, you'll have to cover her head. Rapunzel is OK and in good health thanks to you. Let's just hope she will be more careful in the future and she will not have to come back to you, because of another injury.