Rapunzel Eye Doctor


We have a new game for you with cute Rapunzel from Tangled. The poor girl has some eye problems lately, her eye vision is blurred and unclear and she needs to go to the eye doctor for a treatment. She is a bit scared, but with your help she will manage to do all the treatments necessary to have a clear and good eye sight. The game is called Rapunzel Eye Doctor and it will guide trough proper eye sight treatments. Let's join Rapunzel from Tangled at the eye doctor and help her out. The first treatment that the doctor will apply is the special eye spray to clean the eye from any impurities. Her eye lashes seem to grow too long, so it's best to cut Rapunzel's eyelashes. Next, it's time for the cleaning drops and removing bloot clot. The eye doctor will do a lens check up as well. Enjoy this fun game called Rapunzel Eye Doctor!