Rapunzel Hair Doctor


Cute princess Rapunzel, from Tangled, had the best blond hair. She loves her long and silky hair, but lately her scalp and hair have been damaged and it looks ugly. The amazing Rapunzel will need to visit the local hair doctor for a fast treatment, to regain her gorgeous blond hair. In the exclusive game called Rapunzel Hair Doctor you will need to cut her hair and shade her scalp to see her skin. Wash her skin with soap, then remove the little bugs with tweezers. Heal the terrible red blisters from her skin with a special solution and then use a cotton ball with antiseptic to disinfect her wounds and apply band aids for faster healing. In Rapunzel Hair Doctor you can now check the skin more carefully with a special magnifying glass and remove the foreign objects and apply cream over the blisters and bruises. In Rapunzel Hair Doctor you will need to choose one of the potions and give it to princess Rapunzel now that her scalp is healthy. The potion should speed up the hair growth and she can regain her beautiful and shiny blond hair. Have the best time playing the game called Rapunzel Hair Doctor!