Rapunzel Leaving Flynn


Rapunzel and Flynn are such a lovely couple don't you agree girls? But every couple has problems from time to time, and they are no exception. In this new Cutzee game called Rapunzel Leaving Flynn, the beautiful princess is upset because Flynn has neglected her. He seems to care more about his horse and she wants to break up with him, but not before she teaches him a lesson. Play this fun game to help Rapunzel pull a prank on Flynn and his horse. Let's see how will Flynn reacts once Rapunzel gives him horse a complete makeover. You could help her paint the horse in a nice color, such as pink or purple. Maximus will look so funny with a rainbow tail and long pink hair don't you think. You can also decorate him with tattoos and girly stickers. Flynn always wears his horse riding outfit and Rapunzel could never convince him to wear a suit. Now she will refashion his outfit and you must help her paint his boots, cut his pants and transform his shirt into a crop top with a nice bow at the waist line. To complete Flynn's transformation, help Rapunzel mix three ingredients to create a potion which will grow him a nice long hair. Have fun playing this new game called Rapunzel Leaving Flynn!