Rapunzel Manicure


Rapunzel is very beautiful, but she likes to enhance her beauty at the salon. For an upcoming party with her princess friends, she decided to try a great new manicure. Join her in the fun game called Rapunzel Manicure and help her with the prep step. First, apply a hand mask and then rinse it with water. Cut the nails to the desired length and then file them. Clean the nails with a soft brush and then soak the hands in warm scented water. In Rapunzel Manicure there is a great selection of both colors and patterns for the nails polish, and you need to pick the best for the cute princess. Choose a square shape for the nails and then apply the nail polish with a brush. To create a unique manicure add some glitzy stickers and pick a nice bracelet. A few rings are a great idea and you should enjoy the Rapunzel Manicure game!