Rapunzel Meadow Palace Pets


Princess Rapunzel has a new pet, a cute squirrel and her name is Meadow. The cute pet loves to play outside all day long and today she came back very messy and injured. She needs a good cleaning and grooming so come play Rapunzel Meadow Palace Pets here on Enjoydressup and help Rapunzel get Meadow all clean again. You will have to take care of the ticks first so use the tweezers to carefully remove them. Next, you will have to use the brush to remove some of the dirt from Meadow's fur. If you want to clean her up, use soap and the sponge and then use the shower to rinse of the dirt. Use disinfectant to make sure the wounds will heal properly and use a towel to clean any last trace of dirt. Now Meadow is all clean again and ready for a new adventure! Rapunzel Meadow Palace Pets is a super fun game brought to you on Enjoydressup that you will love to play so have fun and enjoy it!