Rapunzel Princess Hand Spa


Hey girls! Cute Princess Rapunzel needs a new manicure for a fun event. Start the game called Rapunzel Princess Hand Spa and help her! First, place her hands in scented warm water with a few flower petals. Choose the shape of the nails and a good idea is rounded ones. Cut the nails with clippers and then file the nails to straighten them. Use a special buffer sponge to make the nails smooth and prep them for nail polish application. Apply a hand cream on the hands and fingers to make the skin smooth and silky. In Rapunzel Princess Hand Spa you can choose the color for the nail polish or create a cute pattern. My suggestion for cute Rapunzel is a nice purple shade and then make it unique with a few gems. Accessorize the look with a nice golden bracelet and a big ring with a blue gem. Enjoy Rapunzel Princess Hand Spa!