Rapunzel Rotten Teeth


I am sure you know the beautiful Rapunzel from the great movie, called Tangled. But let's take a trip back in time and meet her when she was little. You will see that she loved to eat many sweets but didn't want to listen to her mom and brush her teeth. As a result, Rapunzel's teeth became so rotten that she had to be taken to the dentist to fix them. You have to help the little girl have a perfect smile again using your dentist skills right away! Let's start! First, find out exactly which teeth are rotten and replace them with good ones and put her braces so that her smile be just perfect. After you have fixed Rapunzel's tooth problems, you can help her color and then dress up to look like a real princess. Have lots of fun playing our new wonderful game, called Rapunzel Rotten Teeth!