Rapunzel Wardrobe Clean Up


Rapunzel loves to keep her house clean and she loves to rearrange her wardrobe with every season change and is finally time for some spring cleaning! In this new Rapunzel Wardrobe Clean Up game she will start sorting through the clothes and you can help her by putting her dirty ones in the laundry basket. Add the accessories as well, so they can get cleaned up as well. After you get them back she can decide which items she wants to keep and which ones she can throw away. Arrange the good ones in the wardrobe, the dresses on hangers and the shoes and jewelry separately on shelves. Throw away the dirty clothes that you cannot save in the trash. Finally, you can enjoy her new clean wardrobe by dressing her up in a beautiful new outfit. Have a great time playing this exciting game called Rapunzel Wardrobe Clean Up!