Rapunzel Wedding Braids


The amazing princess Rapunzel is getting married. Like any other princess, she wants to look super cute and fashionable on her amazing and happy wedding day. Her prep will include a hairstyle creation and dress up. For her wedding day a good choice is a braided hairstyle and you can help her create it. In Rapunzel Wedding Braids the prep starts with a hair washing. Use shampoo, conditioner and mask to make her long blond hair smooth and silky. A clean hair is very important for a hair styling. Choose one of the three great options for the hairstyle and start braiding. In Rapunzel Wedding Braids you need to braid the hair according to the instructions and secure it with elastic and hair spray. To decorate the hairstyle use flowers such as daisies, which will create a romantic bridal look. In Rapunzel Wedding Braids after the hairstyle creation, you can help the princess pick out her wedding dress. My suggestion is a wonderful pale pink dress with matching gloves. Choose a great crown and place it on her head and to further decorate the hair you can add more flowers, which should match the ones you already applied. Add a golden necklace with a pink pendant and the look is done. Enjoy the game called Rapunzel Wedding Braids!