Red Riding Hood Dentist


Little Red Ridding Hood loves visiting her grandma and bring her all the yummy desserts that her mom prepped, as long as she doesn't meet the big bad wolf on the way. It looks like lately Red Ridding Hood has been a very naughty girl because she didn't want to brush her teeth after eating sweets, like her mom and grandma told her. Now, she has some terrible toothaches so she needs to go ASAP to the dentist. Can you give a hand so that Red Ridding Hood has a perfect smile again? Let's not waste anymore time and start treating her teeth, using our awesome dentist skills. The first thing that you have to do is to identify the exact tooth problems. After you are done doing this, move on to the brushing of the teeth part and then beginning the treatment. Treat all the cavities that she has and don't forget to remove the dental plaque afterward. Replace the bad teeth with the good ones and she will surely regain her perfect smile again. In the end, all you have to do is dress up Red Ridding Hood in the cutest outfit that you can think of and send her to granny with a basket of goodies. Enjoy playing Red Ridding Hood Dentist!