Red Riding Hood Manga Adventures


The story of Red Riding Hood is well known around the world. But there is a side you don't know and you will learn about it today. When cute Red Riding Hood turned into a gorgeous teenager, she developed a great taste for fashion. She loves everything from great dresses to fancy shoes. But clothes and accessories are so expensive and she needs some help buying everything she likes to create a fab outfit for her to wear. Start the exclusive game called Red Riding Hood Manga Adventures and help this cute fashionista! The beautiful Red Riding Hood needs to collect mushrooms, which will help her buy the clothes that she wants. Help her ride her bike and collect as many mushrooms as she can and in the mean time collect other items such as dresses, purses and shoes. She needs six of each, and it's very important to be fast and accurate. In  Red Riding Hood Manga Adventures she can buy new hair dye and hairstyles, dresses, coats, purses and shoes. Each one of the items will costs a number of mushrooms so she might need to race multiple times to earn all the mushrooms that she needs. Have fun playing Red Riding Hood Manga Adventures!