Red Velvet Cupcake Bouquet


Hey girls and little chefs! Alice is organizing a cupcake party for her friends because she simply adores baking and decorating cupcakes. Today she wants to try out something new, something she found on the internet. Alice will try to make a Red Velvet Cupcake Bouquet but she needs your help. Play this fun cooking game to help her out and learn how to bake the most delicious dessert and also how to create amazing dessert decorations. Help Alice bake the cupcakes and create the frosting, then decorate them and finally, she will show you how to make a bouquet out of them. Use wooden sticks and insert them in the cupcake, then in then inside a decorative bucket to make them look just like a bouquet of flowers. Have a really great time playing this new Red Velvet Cupcake Bouquet game!