Rock N Royal Superstars


Barbie and Erika, the Rock N Royal Superstars are getting ready for a big concert and they need to look perfect on the stage. In this fun new game you need to be their fashion designer and create Barbie and Erika's outfits. As you know, Erika is a talented and famous rock star and Barbie is a princess whose world was turned upside down when she accidently switched places with Erika and accidently went to the Camp Pop while Erika was sent to the Camp Royalty. They learned to adjust to the different worlds and saved both camps from shutting down by organizing a show and singing together. Barbie and Erika became best friends and in this Rock N Royal Superstars game their adventure continues with a world tour. You need to be creative and prove your fashion skills by creating Barbie and Erika's unique outfit. Create their princess and rock star look by choosing the perfect dress and the color that represents Erika and Barbie the best. You will also need to style up their hair and complete their outfit with matching accessories and jewels. Have fun playing this new Rock N Royal Superstars game!