Rose Bride 1


Help this cute girl get ready for her wedding in this cute new makeup and dress up game called Rose Bride 1 and have fun with her! Angela is getting ready for her wedding and she wants you to help her. She wants to have a facial treatment and after that, you can help her pick her makeup and her wedding dress. Start with the treatment, and make her face look pretty and clean. Use all kind of lotions and flower petals and moisturize her face. She will look perfect for her wedding and everyone will wonder how she is so beautiful. When you are done, it’s time for the makeup part. Use eyes shadow, blush, and lipstick and give her some cute eyebrows and eyelashes. She will look stunning with your cute makeup. After she look cute give her a beautiful dress and you are done. She will have a gorgeous wedding thanks to you and she will look stunning. Have fun playing this cute new makeup and dress up game!