Royal Couples In Paris


Enjoy a fun city break in Paris with two Disney couples and make the most of it by playing the game Royal Couples In Paris! Going to a romantic city is definitely the best gift one can receive, so Ariel and Anna are the happiest girls since they got this perfect present from their boyfriends. Enjoy this moment with them and help them prep up for this amazing city break. First of all, find all of their favorite items in the room and make sure they do not miss anything for the trip. After you find all the items, you can move on to the dressup part and make sure the Disney girls are ready with a romantic style to rock in Paris. You can choose a printed pair of jeans with a striped tshirt or a dress with bows. Add some cute accessories such as a clutch or a red hat to complete the look. Anna is next, so make sure their outfits are inspired by Paris fashion street style. Have some fun here!