Shave Barbie's Beard


Ladies, we have bad news! Poor Barbie suffered a terrible accident that I don't wish to anyone. She was visiting a scientist's lab and she touched something she really shouldn’t have. Now, Barbie is in real pain because the effect of her lab visit has severe consequences. Only a week after she started growing a beard. She needs to recover from this terrible accident and needs your help shaving her beard. Can you help poor Barbie shave? I am sure Barbie will be happy to get your help and after the shave she will look beautiful once again. Don't waste any time and start shaving Barbie! Start by cleaning the beard hair, rinse and dry it. Comb it in preparation for the shave and cut the long strands. After you have finished all these steps, shave the beard using the electric shaver until her skin is smooth and hair free. Enjoy Shave Barbie's Beard!