Shelly's Face Painting Designs


Today we are going to have the really important assignment of helping the most adorable little girl, called Shelly, to get ready for the costume party that she is attending tonight. She wants all of her friends to love her face painting design, and have a really great time at the costume party that she is attending. In the first part of our game called Shelly's Face Painting Designs, you are going to have the chance of choosing the character that you like the most. Once you have done this, you will then have the task of going to the store and purchasing all of the items that are present on Shelly's shopping list. Whenever you will be in doubt, simply click on the list and you will see what items you have to buy next. After you will have bought all the items used for Shelly's face painting design, you will then get to choose the design that you will be creating.