Shrek's Chocolate Chip Cookies


Shrek is very fond of cookies, especially if they have chocolate in them. Everyone loves chocolate, but ogres love it even more! So let's make a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies for our good friend Shrek! In a large bowl mix some butter, sugar, brown sugar, milk, vanilla essence for some wonderful flavors, flour, a bit of salt to balance the taste and then blend everything with a mixer. In another bowl put chocolate chips and butter and melt them in the oven. In this last mixture add more sugar, salt, eggs, flour and walnut. Put the entire mixture in a big tray and put it in the oven for a while. Take them out and slice the batter into equal pieces. On a play scoop some cookies dough and dollop them on a plate. Take the fudgy brownie and make a hollow in the middle by pressing, where you can put the cookie dough and then wrap the entire thing into a ball. Melt more chocolate and then pick up the brownie balls and dip them into the melted chocolate. Finally sprinkle chocolate chips on top and they are ready to be served. Shrek will be so happy! Enjoy this wonderful cooking game called Shrek's Chocolate Chip Cookies!