Snow White House Makeover


Snow White is my favorite princess from all the fairy tales. She is a lovely and hard working girl, who loves to take care of her pretty dwarfs. The house they live in is very big, because the seven dwarfs need plenty of room to play and have fun. When the dwarfs are out and about, Snow White has to clean the house, because they always leave quite the mess. Snow White would really love some help with the work load for the day, because she would like to surprise them and redecorate the house as well. Join her in the Snow White House Makeover and help her with the tasks. For the clean up she will need a few items, which you will have to find, because the dwarfs hid them. Find the broom, paint bucket, brush, roller and the red apple.  Now, together with Snow White start cleaning the room. Place the garbage in the bin, the dirty clothes in the basket and use the broom to clean the floor. Make sure you clean the dust and then you can start thinking of ideas to redecorate. In Snow White House Makeover you can pick a new color for the floor and for the wallpaper, new curtains and bed sheets. Have fun playing our exclusive Enjoydressup game called Snow White House Makeover!