So Sakura: Back To School


Play this fun game named So Sakura: Back To School where these girls with different skills will join forces to help a student get ready! First you can help the girl with a beauty facial treatment. Use a cleanser to purify her skin, use a rejuvenating face scrub, pop out her pimples and complete with a nourishing face mask that will bring out a natural glow. You can also get rid of the dark circles under the eyes and define her eyebrows with a pair of scissors. Her face is flawless, but she could still use a lovely make-up to emphasize all her best features, so use contact lenses, two different eye shadows, lip gloss, mascara, eyebrows pencil and blush. Then you can style her hair and dye it and finally dress her up in the perfect school outfit. Have a great time playing this fun game!