Sofia The First Nail Salon


Hello girls! Sofia the First like a great manicure. She has a favorite nail salon where she always goes to get her manicure and she is very excited to share her experience with you. AT this nails salon they take the best care of their clients and Sofia the First is a regular there. Do you want to join her for such an experience? Start the Sofia the First Nails Salon game and begin the great manicure. First dip her hands in scented water and then wash the hands. Cut the nails, file them and give them a top coat of nail polish. Now, that the hands and nails are ready for the manicure, you can start thinking about what kind of nail polish color you want and then details. In Sofia the First Nails Salon you have a huge palette of nail polish colors and other awesome jewelry. Enjoy Sofia the First Nails Salon!