Sofia’s Sparkly Tiara


Sofia had a great time playing in the woods today but while she was hiding behind a tree from her friends she lost her tiara. Sofia is so afraid that her mom will be upset, especially because tomorrow is the royal ball and she can't go without her tiara. But Sofia is a very smart princess, she is going to craft a new crown! Play this fun new Sofia’s Sparkly Tiara game to help her out. Together you can create a new crown but firs you girls must go and shop for the needed items, such as the crown shape, different shiny stones and diamonds and other decorations. Sofia's new tiara must look exactly like the old one so you need to buy all the items mentioned in the list. Once done, you must decorate the tiara using the item you bought and if you do a great job, you can help Sofia get ready for the royal ball. Have a great time plying this new Sofia’s Sparkly Tiara game!