Sorority Girl Makeover


Sororities and fraternities are frequent and very popular at colleges and universities in the USA, but they are also found in Europe. You may be familiar with American sorority and fraternity groups from watching American movies with and about college teens. Sorority comes from the Latin word soror, meaning sister, and is a girls' only fraternal social organization for college and university students, widely spread in the United States of America. You may have heard of sorority groups such as Pi Beta Phi, the first sorority group, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Phi or Phi Mu. Each sorority group has specific badges, pins, coat of arms and defining fashion items like shirts, pants, bags, jewelry and key chains. Joining a sorority is one way of getting popular and noticed while at college or university, girls! Why wait until then when you can get a fancy sorority look right now, ladies, playing Sorority Girl Makeover facial beauty game! You can decide which sorority you want to join later on, for the moment just turn into a fashionable and chic sorority girl with a complete head to toe makeover. Try trendy sorority style make up, clothes, badges, hairdos and accessories, designing fashionable sorority outfits. Get ready for make up with a sorority facial beauty treatment as well! Enjoy Sorority Girl Makeover facial beauty game!