Spa Salon Slacking


Hello ladies! You know Sarah loves to slack and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to do it. She got a great job at the spa salon and she has a client. But she is already bored with the spa treatments, so she decided to do some spa salon slacking activities. She needs to be very careful, otherwise she might get caught and get fired, and she doesn’t want that. She has many activities in mind to try such as eating a muffin, applying make up, removing her pimples, painting a butterfly, applying a face mask, writing a note and many others. In Spa Salon Slacking cute Sarah needs to be very careful for the signs that her customer is looking at what she is doing, otherwise she will get caught. She doesn’t have a lot of time to do the slacking, so she needs to be fast. Have a great time playing Spa Salon Slacking!