Star Wars - Jedi Maker


Star Wars is the biggest thing out there right now! We all love Star Wars and I think we all imagined ourselves as Jedi Masters at least once. So what would you say if we offered you a game that allows you to dress up as an authentic Jedi? That sounds like a great game, right? Well, if you like that idea look no further than this game, Star Wars Jedi Maker, an amazing dressup game that allows you to create the cutest, most amazing Jedi costume. With Star Wars Jedi Maker you can personalize your look, starting with the eye and hair color, you can choose your favorite hairstyle from a great selection of different ones and then you can move on to personalizing your outfit. You can let your imagination run wild and create the best Jedi costume for your doll. Have fun with this game and enjoy Star Wars Jedi Maker.