Strawberry Shortcake Spa


Hello girls! Today we have a really pretty game for you. It's called Strawberry Shortcake Spa and it's so lovely. I'm sure you already know Strawberry Shortcake and she doesn't need any introduction. But just to be sure, I'll tell you that Strawberry Shortcake is a very pretty girl who lives in Strawberryland in a cute berry bungalow with her little sister Apple Dumplin' and her pink kitty, Custard. Strawberry Shortcake is always cheerful and helpful to her friends. Today you will get to know her better and spend some great time in the Strawberryland with her and Custard. First, you'll play a fun mini game in which you will help Strawberry gather the ingredients for her homemade spa treatment. Then you'll have a fun challenging: a cooking level in which you will prepare the spa lotions. Custard will be there to watch your every move. Pamper Strawberry from head to toe at the spa and then find a cute pink strawberry outfit for her. I'm sure you will adore this game because it is plain awesome! Have a great time, girls, discovering the Strawberryland!