Subways Surfers Tooth Injury


Girls, can you help one of the Subway Surfers with his injury? He needs immediate medical care, because he has terrible tooth ache. Start the great game called Subways Surfers Tooth Injury and be his doctor for the day! Start by cleaning his teeth with a brush and tooth paste. Use a special instrument to remove the cavities from his teeth, a drill tool to clean some of the black spots and a brush to remove the tartar from the teeth. Whiten the teeth that are yellow in color, to return them to a healthy white one. In Subways Surfers Tooth Injury you will also need to remove the black teeth that can't be treated. Replace the teeth with new ones and make sure they fit perfectly. Rinse the mouth and teeth with water and the treatment it's done. His teeth look healthy and white, and you can decorate them if you want. Enjoy the Subways Surfers Tooth Injury game!