Superhero Doll Hospital Recovery


While coming back from a tiring mission, Superhero Doll got distracted and flew into a glass billboard. She came to the emergency room with severe injuries and in this Superhero Doll Hospital Recovery game you need to treat her and make sure that she's going to recover from this accident. She first needs to put on the hospital robe and then you need to give her a pill. Remove the glass pieces and clean her injuries. Make sure to use a special balm on her wounds as well to prevent her from getting infections. Use the x-ray machine to see if she has any fractures. Her arm, leg and neck are fractures so apply bandages and cast. It looks like Superhero Doll is going to spend some days in the hospital but with your help she is going to heal and feel better very soon. Have fun playing this new Superhero Doll Hospital Recovery game!