Supermarket Fun

Dressing up is a lot of fun and even a casual supermarket shopping spree can turn into the best dress up moment of the day, don't you agree? For all of that to actually happen you need a wardrobe filled with pretty clothes, a very nice collection of hairstyles and accessories to match. Dress this cute girl in lovely colored casual chic dresses, tops, overtops, pants, shorts and skirts for a supermarket fun shopping day, do her hair in a pretty haircut, put a nice pair of shoes on her feet and don't forget to accessorize her with chic sunglasses, blinking chains and playful earrings. Decide what she should buy, as she would like to have all the toys, candies and fruits from the supermarket. S Dress the pretty girl in casual chic and nicely colored outfits for a fun shopping day at the supermarket. Enjoy Supermarket Fun dress up game!