Sweet Tooth Toddler


Hey girls! We have a new dentist game for you featuring a very cute character: Lily. She is a lovely toddler who has a sweet tooth and she doesn't refrain at all from eating a lot of candy, chocolate, cake and anything sweet basically. Her teeth are in a very bad condition and a visit to the dentist it's a must for her. In this new game you will have the task to make this cute toddler's teeth look all white again so she can have a perfect smile! Use the dentist tools to give her the necessary dental treatment and then enjoy a fun decorating part and try some teeth accessories. You'll also get to dress her up in cute baby clothes, choose a lovely hairdo for her and of course a lovely makeup. This game is so much fun, I promise you girls! So why don't you play it and see if you can manage this challenging and exciting task and then let your imagination run wild as you create the perfect outfit for this sweet tooth toddler. Have lots of fun!