Talking Angela Painting Ginger


Talking Angela is a very talented girl. One of her favorite hobbies of all time is to paint. Today, she has decided to do a portrait on a canvas. Can you help her choose the colors to paint cute Ginger? Don't waste time and begin the game called Talking Angela Painting Ginger! To create the portrait use a pen to draw the outline first. Connect all the dots on the canvas and then use the brush to apply colors. In Talking Angela Painting Ginger you can select the yellow paint and a big brush and apply the color all over the canvas. Next, select a pale pink shade for the ears and eyes. With a white color from the palette you can create the inside of the eyes and the mustaches of Ginger. Try a blue color to create fabulous and expressive eyes. The last color you need to use is a deep orange to recreate the feel of fur. Enjoy Talking Angela Painting Ginger!