Tea Time With The Girls


I bet that all of you girls have a best friend with whom you share all of your thoughts and dreams and who can cheer you up instantly when you have had a bad day. If that applies to you, you are one lucky girl! I too have a best friend and we often go out and have lots of fun gossiping and talking about the happenings in our life. Today we are going out at a new chic tea place in town called The Tea Spot. We haven't seen each other in a few weeks so we have a lot of things to catch up. But first I have to prepare. I always look great when I go out. Will you help me girls? I will start with a complete facial treatment so my face will look fresh and glowy and then I have to pick out a chic dress and apply some fancy makeup. A nice lipstick and a touch of blush will change my appearance completely. Also, I want to accessorize my outfit with some chic accessories that I already have. Which one do you like the most? I bet that you like all but I must make up my mind for just one combination. Let's get to work girls! The dress code is chic elegant and fabulous, of course. Have a great time playing this new fun facial beauty game called Tea Time With The Girls and help me prepare for some fun time out in the city!