Tinkerbell House Makeover


Tinkerbell is a very powerful fairy and she is beautiful too. She has many great powers and she can make the most powerful spells and potions in the kingdom. She has a lovely house in the magical trees and she wants to redecorate it. She has many ideas in mind, beautiful colors for the walls, carpet and curtains, but before she can get started she needs to find a few hidden objects. Start the exclusive game called Tinkerbell House Makeover and find the paint roller, brush, paint bucket, her trusty bird, a clock and colorful pencils. Once you have found the items she needs, join Tinkerbell in her beautiful house and help her redecorate. A great selection of beautiful patterns and a collection of paint colors are available and you need to decide which is best for her tree house. In Tinkerbell House Makeover you can use the roller to paint the walls a beautiful shade of coral pink, the floors with a nice green leaves pattern, the curtains with blue and gold stars and the bed with a nice pink shade. Choose some stickers from the collection, such as bird, fruit, heart or frog and add them on the walls, carpet and bed. Have fun playing Tinkerbell House Makeover!