Tooth Fairy Makeover


From all the fairies of the world, we get to meet the Fairy Godmother first and then the Tooth Fairy. I must say, the Tooth Fairy is my favorite one, not just because she takes away our baby teeth, but also because she gives back money! Still, even if I found all that money under my pillow every time I lost one of my baby teeth, I never got to see the Tooth Fairy or get to meet her. I wondered what the fairy looks like, what color her hair is and what she likes to wear. Imagine my surprise when I found that the mysterious Tooth Fairy is a makeover fan and loves dressing up and putting on makeup every time she flies off to collect a new baby tooth. She even agreed to participate in a super fun makeover game in which children all over the world can get to know her better, dress her up and help her with her special Tooth Fairy Makeover. Start the game by applying some unicorn tears to her face to make it all soft and shiny, then some magical cream around her eyes to get rid of those dreadful dark circles. After using the tweezers to give her eyebrows a great shape, focus your attention on that fairy dust. No fairy can call herself a fairy without a proper set of wings. Sprinkle some fairy dust and help our Tooth Fairy grow wings. Then dress her up, apply glamorous fairy makeup and make sure our beautiful fairy is ready for another journey. Enjoy playing our Tooth Fairy Makeover game, girls!