Tris VIP Dolly Makeup


Help Tris get the perfect makeup in this cute and exciting new game called Tris VIP Dolly Makeup and finish all the challenges! You are one of the best makeup artists around and Tris is invited to VIP event. She chose you to do her makeup because she knows that you will make her look perfect. The event will be full with important people and Tris wants everybody to notice how beautiful she looks. Only you can make her look stunning at the event: start off with the eye makeup. Pick the perfect eye shadow color for her and continue with the eyelashes and the form of her eye brows. Continue with a cute concealer and a beautiful lipstick. The makeup look great and you have 3 more steps to go. Pick a beautiful haircut and some accessories. Pick a cute outfit and you are done! Tris looks beautiful and everyone will love her at the event and ask her about the makeup. She will have a great time thanks to you and can’t wait to come back for another makeup session!