Tropical Beauty Secrets


Hello girls! Are you ready for some tropical fun? Stacy is having the time of her life at the most awesome tropical resort. She is spending the day getting pampered, getting tanned, enjoying the blue serene water and of course going to the resort gym to stay in shape. You can join her too and play some fun levels. First, you will visit the beauty corner where you will have to find all the hairstyling and facial beauty treatment items. It's a hidden objects level and you will have to look under the shells and discover all the items that you need. Next stop: Radiant Visage, the perfect place to maintain your skin soft and healthy while on vacation. At the Dazzling Lockes, Stacy can get the perfect hair: soft and shiny. A real lady doesn't forget about her figure even when on vacation so get Stacy to Silhouette and help her exercise a bit to keep in shape. Last but not the least, at Be Gorgeous clothing shop you will find the perfect tropical inspired bathing suits and beach accessories for Stacy to look amazing as she gets the perfect tan. I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful new game so click play and let's get started!