Turkish Spa Day


The Turkish Spas are famous for the rich sensorial experience that they provide. It would be a complete mistake to visit Turkey and not enjoy the soothing baths with mineral waters and the full range of services that a Turkish spa has to provide. If you want to relax, de-stress and meditate, I think you would be amazed to find just the perfect place for that! Elmira is feeling a bit under the weather and just for today she wants to get herself pampered from head to toe. Join her and help her relax. Start by applying some high quality facial treatments with traditional plants that will make her face glow and look fresh. Then select 4 ingredients for her aromatherapy steam bath. You have so many choices, ladies. And all of them sound just great: lavender, spearmint, lime, mandarin, cinnamon leaves, ylang ylang, cedar wood and many others! Then help Elmira relax while she is pampered with a natural scrub lotion, hot stone massage and chromo therapy showers. Next step: achieve the perfect manicure. Choose the perfect nail shape, a lovely color that you like, maybe some prints, a cute ring and a gorgeous inspirational henna tattoo. Elmira feels great right now, but there is something left: choose a great hairstyle for Elmira, a makeup that will emphasize her beautiful and delicate features and a stunning Turkish-inspired outfit! Have fun, ladies playing this fabulous spa game called Turkish Spa Day!