TV Host Backstage Prep


Hey girls! Our friend Lisa has just got a job as a TV host! She is very excited and can't wait to be seen by her friends on TV! Although she is fully prepared to be a TV host and a very talented speaker, she is very nervous because she does not really look her best right now. Would you like to help her prepare for her new job as a TV host with a complete makeover? Have fun playing our great new game called TV Host Backstage Preparation and take Lisa through all the necessary facial beauty steps. She needs to look great on TV, so her skin must be perfectly clean and smooth. Use all the facial beauty creams and masks before you apply the most stunning makeup! Choose from the wide range of hairstyles and hair colors the ones that best match her features. A TV host must look impeccable, so after you are done with the facial treatment make sure that all the clothes and accessories you choose work in her advantage! I am sure you will be able to help Lisa look stunning for her first TV show! Enjoy playing our great new game called TV Host Backstage Preparation!