Twilight Sparkle Bubble Bath


Cute Twilight Sparkle needs to take a bath and in this fun Twilight Sparkle Bubble Bath game you need to make sure that this lovely pony takes a proper wash because Twilight likes to slack and she never gets out clean from the bathroom. Run the water and make bobbles, then add some flowers and find a pony toy so Twilight can play while you wash her. You need to wash her hair with shampoo. Use the shower to clear the bubbles and use the soap to wash her face. Once out from the water, you need to dry her off and brush her. Now that Twilight is clean and shiny, it's time to choose a cute pony outfit and accessories for her. She will be clean and her hair will be properly brushed for the first time. Have fun playing this new Twilight Sparkle Bubble Bath game!