Valentine's Kissing Contest Injury


Amy and Tim have decided to participate in a Valentine's Day kissing contest and they want to win the first prize. While they were kissing, a big decoration in the shape of a heart fell on them and hurt them badly. Now, the lovely couple needs immediate medical care. Start the great game called Valentine's Kissing Contest Injury and help them feel better! First, go to the pharmacy and find the items they need for the treatment. You need to find gauze, tweezers, syringe, band aids and cotton balls. At the emergency room, Tim will be treated and he has a big wound on his head. Take out the shards, clean the wound and bandage it with gauze. In Valentine's Kissing Contest Injury, Amy needs to go to the dentist because she has lip wounds and broken teeth. Repair her teeth, clean the wounds with cotton balls and apply band aids. Enjoy Valentine's Kissing Contest Injury!