Vintage Boutique


Meet cute girl Emma, who is a great fashionista and loves different and cute styles. She is going to the Vintage Boutique to get many new clothes for her new favorite style, which is the vintage one. This is a very fun and elegant style, with cute dresses and amazing hairstyles. Can you help her pick a few nice items to create a wonderful outfit fit for this season? I am sure cute Emma will appreciate your help. Start the Vintage Boutique game and begin the dress up! For the vintage look you should start with the hairstyle and a fun blonde on with loose curls will be awesome. Add a big yellow bow in the hair for a special look. In Vintage Boutique you can find amazing dresses such as red ones, floral or with patterns. I suggest a nice floral dress and add a pair of cute red shoes to complete the look. Enjoy Vintage Boutique!