VIP Party Prep

This weekend there is going to be a fabulous VIP party in my favorite club downtown and I cannot miss it, of course! A VIP party is an exclusivist party and only fashion divas like me can get passed the bodyguards at the entrance. One of my favorite hip hop artists is going to be there and this is my great chance to meet him face to face and charm him with my fashionista look. I am a big fan of r&b and hip hop music and every time such a concert shows up in my city or in one of the clubs I go to, there is always a VIP after party following the concert. I look great and this helps me get lots of favors in the VIP clubs and circles I frequent. Come with me to the VIP party this weekend and get a fabulous VIP party diva look practicing the VIP party prep facial beauty makeover I use every time I get ready to go on a girls' night out downtown. Use my facial beauty products, my fabulous make up kit and my amazing fashion diva VIP party dresses and jewels, practicing a glam VIP diva look. Enjoy VIP Party Prep facial beauty game!