Viperine Gorgon Haircuts


Hi ladies! I want you to meet the fabulous Viperine Gorgon, a posh vampire always in the spotlight that never goes anywhere without looking flawless. Tonight she will be going to a fancy party where only VIPs were invited. Can you help her have a beautiful look? More precisely, she counts on you to make her a cute haircut. So let's get to work! The first thing that you have to do is apply a professional shampoo and then rinse it with water and dry it. After you are done with this, you have to cut the edges just enough to make the hair look shinny and healthy and move on to styling it, whether you want it to be wavy, curly or straight. If you want Viperine Gorgon's haircut to be really awesome, you can color as you like different strands of hair. In the end so a cute make up and choose a gorgeous outfit and you're done. Enjoy Viperine Gorgon Haircuts!