Wake Up Sleeping Beauty Pranks


Wake Up Sleeping Beauty Pranks is an amazing new game published. You have to help Sleeping Beauty get ready for her date. But she is asleep and can’t hear her alarm clock, so she is going to be late! Help her wake up in the first stage of this three stage game! Shoot the arrow and see where it lands on the board. You can pop balloons or draw on her face to get her to wake up. Did you do it? Great! Now that she is up, move on to the second stage of the game and help her put makeup on. Choose the prettiest shades for the lipstick, eyebrows, eyeliner, eyeshadow or blush. Make her look ectra cute by adding some contact lenses to change the color of her eyes. Next, take care of the outfit in the final stage of the game. Choose a hairstyle, a beautiful dress, accessorize it to perfection and complete the look with a bag and some super cute pumps. Now our Sleeping Beauty is ready for her wonderful date.