Waking Up Sleeping Beauty


Aurora and Prince Philip are classmates in college and they have an important exam today. So they went to the library to study, but Aurora fell asleep. The exam is getting closer and Philip has to do everything in his power to wake her up! What should he choose to wake her up with, a cup of hot coffee or a true love's kiss after he used a mouth spray? But as you know, when the Sleeping Beauty sleeps, it is very deep and she can't be woken up that easily. So Philip has to use magic to succeed. He knows he has to mix four ingredients to make the potion, but he forgot which ones they are. So use the items you can find around the library and try to get the right combo. But some strange stuff can happen if you get it wrong. Aurora could get frozen, they could both turn into frogs, they could get sick, she could be wrapped around in thorns or he could fall asleep to. Or maybe just teacher Maleficent will come in and suspend him for using magic in the library. Good luck Waking Up Sleeping Beauty!